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Never Too Late to Learn to Ride – Happy Trails in Rolling Hills!

I see a lot of homes and neighborhoods on a daily basis. Based on what I see and value personally, Rolling Hills is one of the best of places to live in the South Bay.

One of the most distinctive, and valuable, characteristics of beautiful Rolling Hills is the ability to walk out your front door and immerse yourself in nature. Whether you’re driving (at the posted speed limit, of course!), walking or horseback riding, you’ll find peace, fresh air, tranquility and beauty all around you.

Rolling Hills is one of the rare equestrian communities. Most neighborhoods lack the space to accommodate barns, corrals, riding rings and all the other necessities of incorporating a horse into your family. As a Rolling Hills resident myself, I feel extremely fortunate to live here, for many reasons. And last year I added one more reason – I started taking riding lessons and began to enjoy a whole new benefit that Rolling Hills has to offer.

With the help of talented trainers, Kitty and Kim from California Horsemanship, and their patient, obedient steeds, Dali, Ransom and Echo, I have been transitioned from complete novice to something that might be akin to a karate “green belt.” Fortunately the only time I’ve fallen was when I tripped over the benches at Ernie Howlett Park while observing an equestrian training clinic!

If you would like to live in this beautiful community with its hiking and horse trails, contact me, Clint Patterson, at 310.426-8811.

Happy Trails!


(Photo credit: Morgane Davis Photography)