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“We trusted them completely. They truly know their business.”

We really appreciate our clients and it’s a joy to be able to read their notes and letters to us letting us know we’ve served them well.

When my husband and I decided to sell our home, we were introduced to Clint Patterson and Leslie Stetson through a friend of mine.  Never having sold a home before, neither my husband or myself had any idea what the process would entail.  We were very fortunate to have Clint and Leslie help us sell our home.

They listened to our questions and concerns and were very honest with us.  When we asked questions, we wanted the truth and did not want to hear what they thought we wanted to hear.  To us, this was very important and because of this, we trusted them completely.  They truly know their business.

We never felt like we were being rushed nor pushed into anything.  Whenever we had questions (which were often), they always returned our calls and took the time to speak to us…never rushed.  We also never felt like we were just a source of income to them.   We always felt like they were there for us and us alone.  They worked very hard for us and whenever they had any type of suggestion, we listened, and they were so right on so many things, God bless them.  If we had not listened to them, we probably wouldn’t have sold our home.

 I would recommend Clint and Leslie to anyone I know looking to buy a home in the South Bay.  They’re both gems and I keep in touch with them whenever possible.

Terry and Dave L.

Sharing A Note From My Files

What a nice thing it is to open an envelope to a Thank You card. It sure feels good.

I am dedicated to providing unmatched customer service by going above and beyond meeting my clients’ real estate needs. So, I really appreciated hearing from Kevin how happy he was with his recent home purchase, and how he can’t wait to refer me to someone he knows that needs a Realtor.

Enjoy the read! And thank you, Kevin, for having me as your Realtor.

Clint Patterson

Thank you note to Clint Patterson